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How We Can Help With Your Sports & Dance Injuries

You're an active athlete--running, playing tennis, and yes, taking ballroom dance lessons. The exercise benefits your muscles and sports and dance injuriescardiovascular health, but your feet and ankles take a beating. At Adult & Child Footcare, your Toms River and Shrewsbury, NJ podiatrist, Dr. William Sachs, provides the education, diagnosis and treatment you need to keep that dance and sports regimen going strong.

What causes an injury?

Most often dance and sports injuries are sudden twists of the foot and ankle, typically resulting in a lateral ankle sprain. This injury usually is self-limiting and heals well without surgery.

Other injuries come from overuse or stress. For instance, a dancer's fracture may results from repeated and awkward landing on the fifth metatarsal bone.

Plantar fasciitis is a good example, as well. For instance, when runners overpronate or roll a foot inward over and over again, the connective tissue running across the bottom of the foot stretches. This plantar fascia causes considerable pain, and sometimes, immobility or bone spurs on the heel.

Achilles tendinitis is common with athletes and dancers. The large, cord-like tendon running from the heel to the calf muscle is overstretched, can cause tremendous stiffness and discomfort.

As you can see, simple wear and tear, foot positions (as are common in dance, says the American Podiatric Medical Association) and quick, twisting movements precipitate many feet and ankle issues. Your Toms River and Shrewsbury podiatrist has seen them all, and he can help.

Prevention is best

Of course, if you experience an escalation in pain or soreness or suffer a sudden sports or dance injury, call Adult & Child Footcare right away. Dr. Sachs and his staff see patients with severe injuries right away, employing physical examination and digital X-ray imaging to diagnose the problem.

More importantly, Dr. Sachs teaches sports enthusiasts and dancers how best to avoid injury in the first place and what to do right away when the unexpected happens.

First aid for a foot or ankle injury includes:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression (with an elastic bandage)
  • Elevation (above your heart level)

Prevention of foot and ankle injuries include:

  • Staying in good physical condition
  • Sufficient warm-ups and time to stretch
  • Supportive footwear
  • Custom-made shoe inserts, or orthotics, for gait problems such as overpronation or continuing problems such as bunions
  • No overtraining (love your sport, but don't overdo it)

Come see us

If you have any concerns about your foot and ankle health, call one of our convenient offices. Dr. Sachs and his staff are known for their accurate and kind care. They can help you feel better. In Toms River, phone (732) 255-7070. In Shrewsbury, call us at (732) 289-2555.