The Importance of Proper Diabetic Foot Care

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The Importance of Proper Diabetic Foot Care

How your foot doctor in Toms River, NJ, can help your feet when you are diabetic

If you have diabetes, you probably already know how dramatically the disease affects your body. Did you also know your extremities are at risk too, especially your feet? The truth is, diabetes is very hard on your feet, which is why foot care is so important. Dr. William A. Sachs at Adult & Child Footcare, can help protect your feet. He has two convenient office locations in Toms River, and Shrewsbury, NJ, to help you.

Diabetes is a common disease, affecting over 29 million people in the United States, according to the American Diabetes Association. It’s also a dangerous disease, because it affects every system in your body including your circulatory, immune, and nervous systems.

When your circulatory system is compromised, it means you may not get enough blood flow to your feet and toes. Lack of blood flow can result in soft tissue death and amputations.

When your immune system is compromised, it means you may suffer a cut or a blister, and it may not heal. In fact, it may get infected and turn into a large, painful, diabetic ulcer.

When your nervous system is compromised, it means you may injure your feet or toes and not even feel it. You may also develop diabetic neuropathy, a painful condition resulting in sharp nerve pain in your legs, feet, and toes.

To protect your feet and toes, it’s important to care for your feet. Proper diabetic foot care begins with what you do at home. Every day you should:

  • Wash and dry your feet thoroughly
  • Examine your feet and toes for any cuts, blisters, or injuries
  • Apply antibiotic cream to any open cuts or blisters and bandage them
  • Apply thick moisturizing lotion or cream to your feet and toes
  • Stretch your arches, and ankles several times each day
  • Always wear supportive footwear and avoid going barefoot

You should also visit your foot doctor regularly for a professional examination of your feet. Your foot doctor is an expert at diagnosing and treating foot problems and foot conditions, especially those related to diabetes.

Your feet are important because they carry you through your life. To find out more about diabetic foot care and other foot care services, call Dr. William A. Sachs of Adult & Child Footcare, at his office in Toms River at (732) 255-7070 or in Shrewsbury, NJ, at (732) 389-2555. Call today and protect your feet!