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  • Treatments for Bunions
    A bunion is a bone deformity that can develop when the big toe becomes dislocated or moves out of place, causing a bony protrusion to form on the side of Read more
  • Symptoms of Achilles Tendinitis
    How your foot doctor in Toms River, New Jersey can help if you have Achilles tendonitis If you have chronic pain in your heel and foot that makes it painful to Read more
  • How Your Podiatrist Can Help With Your Heel Pain
    Are you struggling with heel pain? From standing on your feet all day to pounding the pavement, there are many habits and changes to your daily routine that could leave you Read more
  • Preventing the Development of Bunions
    Would you like to lower your risk of developing painful bunions? Changing your preferred style of footwear and asking your Shrewsbury and Toms River, NJ, podiatrist, Dr. William Sachs of Read more
  • Prioritizing Your Child's Foot Care
    Dr. William Sachs of Adult & Child Footcare in Toms River and Shrewsbury, NJ, provides his patients with reliable podiatric care. He even has tips for parents on how they Read more
  • The Importance of Proper Diabetic Foot Care
    How your foot doctor in Toms River, NJ, can help your feet when you are diabetic If you have diabetes, you probably already know how dramatically the disease affects your body. Read more
  • Common Foot Conditions and How We Can Help
    Common Foot Conditions and How We Can Help Many of us will experience foot pain or ailments in our lifetime, and while uncomfortable most are highly treatable. At Adult & Child Read more
  • Are You Dealing With Foot Pain?
    Has walking become an unpleasant experience for you due to foot pain? If discomfort has been keeping you from doing the things you want to do, it's time to pay Read more
  • Are You Struggling with Ingrown Toenails?
    Don’t let ingrown toenails cause you pain. Find out what you can do to stop them. Ingrown toenails are a painful problem that results when the edge of a toenail Read more
  • How We Can Help Your Bunions
    Your podiatrist in Tom’s River, NJ, can help with bunion pain Does your foot hurt? Do you have a large, bony bump next to your big toe? If you answered yes Read more
  • Struggling with Toenail Fungus? We Can Help
    Though it sounds much more daunting than it is, toenail fungus can become a serious issue. Unfortunately, this condition is often stubborn and does not respond to over-the-counter treatments. Your Read more
  • Why Does My Heel Hurt?
    Could your heel pain be due to plantar fasciitis? Heel pain is a common issue for many of the patients we see. If you are dealing with pain that originates Read more
  • Struggling with Bunions? We Can Help
    Bunions cause discomfort and pain for many adults, often becoming inflamed and irritated throughout the day as they rub against the inside of your shoes. Simply standing or walking around Read more
  • How We Can Help With Your Sports & Dance Injuries
    You're an active athlete--running, playing tennis, and yes, taking ballroom dance lessons. The exercise benefits your muscles and cardiovascular health, but your feet and ankles take a beating. At Adult Read more
  • Are You Dealing With Bunion Pain?
    What is a common foot condition that causes pain and embarrassment to those that have it? Besides toenail fungus, it's probably a pesky and uncomfortable bunion, a reddened bump at the Read more
  • Don't Ignore Your Foot Pain
    Foot pain affects millions of Americans every year. Foot pain is often caused by standing for long periods, being overweight, wearing poorly fitting shoes, or playing sports. Dr. William Sachs Read more