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By Adult & Child Footcare
January 15, 2018
Category: Foot Health
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A bunion is a bony prominence that forms on the joint near the bottom of the big toe. Bunions can be extremely painful. Podiatrists are bunionsspecialists who provide diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle problems, including bunions. Dr. William Sachs of Adult & Child Footcare, which has offices in Toms River and Shrewsbury, NJ, offers treatments for bunions. Read on to learn about treatment options for bunions.

1. Suitable Footwear- It is recommended that you wear low-heeled or flat, comfortable shoes if you have a bunion. High-heel shoes can make bunions worse by putting excessive pressure on the toes. Shoes made from soft leather are ideal because they will relieve pressure on your bunion.

2. Padding and Taping- Padding and taping is often the first step in a treatment plan for a bunion. Your podiatrist may pad your bunion and tape your foot to keep it in a normal position. Padding and taping the bunion relieves pain and allows the patient to continue a normal, active life. Padding and taping will also prevent your bunion from getting worse.

3. Custom Orthotics- Orthotic devices are frequently used to treat various conditions of the ankle and foot. Orthotic devices can be helpful in treating bunions. Orthotic devices are molded pieces of leather, rubber, or other material that are inserted into shoes. They can help take pressure off your toes and ease your pain. You can get custom-made orthotic devices from your foot doctor.

4. Bunion Surgery- Your podiatrist may recommend surgery for your bunion if your symptoms are severe enough to warrant an operation. The type of surgery performed depends upon the severity of your bunion and your general health, age, and activity level.

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By Adult & Child Footcare
January 17, 2017
Category: Foot Health
Tags: bunions  

The simple act of wearing shoes can be extremely uncomfortable when you have bunions. Bunions can also make activities like walking bunionsand running painful. Bunions do not disappear on their own and cannot be treated with at-home or over-the-counter remedies. Fortunately, a variety of effective treatments are available through a podiatrist. For treatment of bunions in Shrewsbury and Toms River, NJ, Dr. William Sachs of Adult & Child Footcare is your experienced podiatrist.

What Are Bunions?

Bunions are bony bumps that form on the sides of the feet near the big toe and protrude out from the foot. They are formed when the big toe ends up moving out of place. Shoes and other footwear tend to feel tighter in the area where the bunions stick out. Additionally, since bunions do protrude they often rub against the interior of whatever shoes are being worn. The rubbing produces friction which can inflame and irritate the bunions, leading to additional pain and discomfort.

Treatment Options

Bunions do require medical treatment. There is no other way to remove bunions and correct alignment of the big toe and joint. Fortunately, there are experienced podiatrists available to treat your bunions in Shrewsbury and Toms River. Bunions can be initially treated by alleviating the pain caused when footwear rubs against them. Steps can also be taken to prevent bunions from continuing to grow and protrude even more. Treatment methods for bunions include:

  • Doing foot exercises to prevent stiffness and improve joint functioning.
  • Having any corns or calluses on the foot removed.
  • Wearing shoes that are wider or larger to provide extra room in the bunion area.
  • Inserting protective padding inside the shoes to minimize friction and rubbing.
  • Wearing orthotics inside the shoes, which can correct foot positioning and stabilize the inflamed toe joint.
  • Wearing splints at night to realign the toe and joint where the bunion formed.
  • Undergoing foot surgery to correct toe alignment and remove the bunion.

Bunions can be painful, but there are many effective treatment options available. Dr. Sachs and the entire podiatry team at Adult & Child Footcare can help you deal with your bunions in Shrewsbury and Toms River, NJ. Call to schedule an appointment today.